1012-05-16 Yarthmont, Gromdain, Full Moon

We brought back brunhilde.

Return to Uiston and Ogres

The party returns to Uiston to find a mostly finished stronghold and a sprouting town.

The slow status drove some of the party to look for a fight, and following TED, they found one.

The price was quite high as Brunhilde was cut down atop her mount. The remaining members begin to consider their options to bring back their ally.

The Old Farmstead
1012/04/23 Flaurmont, Gromdain, Last Quarter

The party became really impatient so went to find a job to kill time. Given that the kingdoms Shearing Ceremony had just taken place (a time when children now considered adults are sent off to find their own way before they can return to the family) there was a lack of jobs available, except for one. The request looked as though it had been ignored for some time, but it wanted people to deal with vampires plaguing a farmstead 2 days on horse away from town, pay: negotiable.
The cleric and paladin were barely contained in their excitement to go fight vampires, and so urged everyone to accept this job and leave right away. I’ve got a large group, 8 PC’s, so most of them were “OK we have to kill another 10 days anyway, so we may as well.” They took their provisions and set out immediately. After 2 days travel, and one very exciting night of killing a cow in the bushes with a lightning bolt, they arrived at the farmstead.
The paladin and bard first approached an elderly woman using an outdoor kitchen situated in the center of the buildings. She was exasperated, wondering why anyone would have taken this job, but sends one of her grandchildren out to fetch her husband, the patriarch. In the meantime, the rogue and ninja begin to entertain some passing children with daring Acrobatics checks and find out that there are four generations living here.
The old man returns and praises the group for answering his call, saying the last group of adventurers from a month ago simply left without solving his problem. He tells them the story of how he finds a cow every two weeks just into the thick forest line slashed with no blood, and none on the ground. He takes most of the party to the northwest corner of the property where he has buried the carcasses beyond the family graveyard. The graveyard has small headstones, and long wooden stakes driven into the ground 18 – 24 inches from the headstone. The place he has buried the slaughtered cows has several stakes run through into the ground as well. He then tells everyone he is confident that “they” will be coming again in the next few nights.
The Cleric says thank you for the information and sends him back, promptly beginning a discussion about the sanity of this old man and having doubts that there is a legitimate job to be done. The bard throws out the suggestion that he could be a werewolf and not know it. The wizard rolls profession astrology, and I tell him that it is the last few days of the Full Moon cycle for this month (yes I track specific days according to the setting calendar). Suspicions are aroused, and they decide to stay at least one night to see what goes on, with an emphasis on the old man’s actions. At this point, 3 out of 8 just want to kill this old man.
Night comes, the freezing rain rolls through, everyone stays awake, planning to sleep during the day. Nothing out of the ordinary happens, until the old man walks out of his home before the dawn. He walks out to the middle of one field and stands there for 10 minutes before walking back into his home. The rogue follows him into his bedroom, where he simply went back to bed. Looking about the room, the rogue sees an old battered broadsword and some rusted chain-mail displayed on one wall. The rogue gets pissed that this farmstead doesn’t even have anything worth stealing.
The next day; cold, wet, tired, and frustrated everyone meets again. The old man thanks them for the first night of vigilance and is absolutely certain “they” will show up. The cleric asks if they can dig up one of these cows and examine it, to which the old man agrees and takes the party to the East side of the farm, opposite from where he took them the day before. There they see more stakes driven into the ground. Dismissing the old man again, a second discussion of just leaving starts. The bard speaks to some younger family members, and they state that the last group of adventurers visited over three years ago and that the old man has become increasingly more senile. His middle son some time ago had exhibited the same symptoms, but had ventured out late one night and they found him with dagger wounds from the dagger he carried. The older and younger son exhibit none of these symptoms. When pressed, the young lad reveals that the family has suffered under this for generations, and he feels bad admitting that they are simply waiting for the patriarch to pass away so that his eldest son can take over.
Digging where the cow was buried, the party discovers no carcass. Stakes have bee driven into the ground seemingly at random. The 3 good PC’s are the only ones who don’t want to kill this old guy at this point. The cleric argues, give it one more night, we’re just killing time anyway. They all sleep in the barn and prepare for a long night of sitting in the cold rains.
The night starts no differently, but they spot some movement along the cow pasture fence. Small humanoids carefully removing a section, luring a cow out, and repairing the section the removed. The druid wildshapes to an Owl and follows them, seeing a group of 6 goblins luring the cow to what appears to be a tarp, before slashing it long all arteries and bleeding it out.
The druid changes back, scaring all the goblins off, then begins walking back to the farm to gather the others. The whole party gathers around the dead cow. Even the cleric and paladin are angry now. Promised vampires, now they are left to deal with just goblins. A few mention one problem though, why are these goblins just draining the blood from a cow and not eating it? “This doesn’t make sense” gets tossed around a few times while they track the group.
After spending some time tracking, the party spots where the goblins are. Too many to count from their position 300 feet away, and definitely doing something. The wizard offers to give everyone about 45 seconds to move forward and he will throw two fireballs into the camp. The plan goes smoothly and right as everyone is about to burst from the tree line into the small clearing, two fireballs rock the area, killing all but one goblin. Everyone springs into action as the druid’s animal companion drags him to the ground, followed quickly by several others diving in with weapons. The rogue, in a moment of clarity, uses his two immovable rods to pin the goblin to the ground and begins to say something about interrogating him. It fell on deaf ears as the animal companion continued to maul him and the ninja delivered a final killing blow.
Quickly assessing the situation, everyone agrees that this was the actual problem and take back proof in the form of ALL the corpses placed into a portable hole. On presenting the evidence, the old man got angry. “I brought you here to deal with vampires, not the goblins of Dymrak Forest!” The more the party pressed, the more defensive he got until shouting for them to leave his property. The old woman apologized, and sent them on their way with one final meal.
On travelling the remainder of the day to the main road, they stopped to make camp. Cold, rain soaked, sleep deprived, and frustrated, a few fell asleep with contented full bellies, fully unprepared for what awaited them the next morning.
The early morning watch spotted a figure approaching from the farmstead. As it got closer, they seen a man carrying a child in nothing more than bed clothes and no shoes. They rushed to him as he forced out “‘They’ came in the middle of the night and began killing. I grabbed my youngest child and ran, but no one has followed. The horrors…” and he began to break down.
With little else to go on, the paladin offered the man her spare set of travelling clothes and the blanket under her horses saddle. The cleric gave him a bag and provisions for several days. The wizard gave him some coins. “Flag down the first caravan and get to the nearest town.” Then everyone prepared for ward and rode back to the farmstead they so despised just one day ago.
It didn’t take long to understand what the man had said. Only a few hundred feet from the farm stead, the road was littered with mangled bodies of all ages. The farmstead itself looked much like the goblin camp they had attacked two nights ago. Littered with bodies, the buildings had sections of wall torn out, doors knocked down, every human, and every animal butchered mercilessly.
The owner was one of the few not cut down by a blade, but he had curious puncture wounds on his neck within the bite mark. The ranger looked through everything left and made a swift determination. Skeletons caused most of this carnage. Their new prey placed no effort on hiding their presence, and the party came upon a keep nestled in the thick forest, just as night had fallen. Everyone got close enough to notice the Skeletons patrolling the top of the wall, but the skeletons also seen them.
Now they must storm a castle.

Getting the Gang Back Together Again
2012/04/18 Flaurmont, Moldain, Full Moon

The Party, needing to kill some time while waiting for Pick’s Fireball Wand to be restored, took on a job outside of town. The location, a small farmstead near Dymrack Forest.

1012/04/04 Flaurmont, Moldain, New Moon


The party stayed with the large cargo ship in the Military port of Kerendas. The ships captain, wishing to stay to make repairs from the sea serpent attack, gives the party leave to go ashore.

The party then finds out the truth of their other worldly jaunt. Almost 2 years have passed, Thyatis is suffering from a massive plague and famine, Specularum has been renamed Mirros, and the world has moved on without them.

Qadif, Brunhilde, and Sarla spent some time wandering through the outpost trying to get information and supplies. They quickly returned to the ship when finding out leaving town could expose them to a deadly mummy rot plague. On returning, Qadif set himself to repairing all the damage to the ship to be able to set sail the next morning.

Setting out the next morning, the cargo ship encounters another vessle that raises a black pirate flag and a battle ensues. The pirates are eventually thwarted with one prisoner. The party then takes control of the once pirate ship and drags it along to Mirros.

Finally in an actual major city, people set about to get rid of the loot they have been carrying. Once split up, Savannas immediately pays the requisite fees, and claims the pirate ship for her own.

High Seas and Death
World Date Unknown

On arriving aboard ship, some of the party suspected they would be sold into slavery. Having forgotten they batered for passage out on the first available ship, instead of waiting for one to go where they were headed, determining the direction was somewhat of a shock.

the next day, the whole party was assigned to watch for attacks as Sahuagin were rumored to be in the area. Dorgan, being hyper vigilant for a first time at sea, spotted a group of what looked to be people with fish tails, followed by a set of large eels.

The last creature spotted in mid afternoon to Dorgan looked like another large eel. to Delisa, it looked much bigger. Trying a somewhat unsuccessful warning, the sea serpent sprouted from the water Chomping down on Delisa violently. The battle begun, the creature moved from perceived threat to perceived threat until grabbing Ron with it’s enormous tail. Swimming under the ship and slamming it on the starboard side, Ron continued to struggle and was eventually crushed by the tail constricting him.

Quick thinking from Lindale put the beast to sleep for a few moments, and the brief lull gave everyone time to fully slay the beast.

Given State rooms to stay in. The party, now reduced by another person, looked forward to seeing land, as the ship stopped in Kerendas Outpost.

Corruption and Bribery in Minrothad
Date Unknown

After looting the keep vaults, the party decided to use Reincarnate on Ron, successfully bringing him back from the dead, but as a Half-Orc instead of a Human. The party being mostly whole, they took a chance on reassembling, and travelling through a mirror that appeared to show a way home.

The party found themselves on a black sand beach. Splitting off a scout group to figure out where they were, Brunhilde, Pick, Dorgan, Sarla, Medea, and Lindale started toward what looked to be a large settlement, only to encounter a patrolling guard. The guards, looking to collect some quick bribes, found the adventurer’s unwilling to part with their coin.

The ensuing brief chase and fight took it’s toll on the weary party. One man escaped despite foolhardy attempts by both Pick and Medea to stop him. Foolhardy, because in Medea’s overconfidence, she was struck down by an arrow.

The scouting party returned with the corpse of Medea and without Pick, who left towards the City of Minrothad. Lindale had used the skirmish to return to camp in order to prepare the others to mave, and begin creating the right paperwork.

Traveling to the South, toward the smaller city Duns-on-Fell, the party stopped short and once again split up. Delisa transformed to an eagle and made flight for the City of Minrothad to find Pick. Dorgan and Qadif confidently rode into town and looked for a tavern to gain information. Savanas and Lindale snuck into town to find the local assessor office to get their paperwork in order.

During the split up, a second, much larger, group of guards catch up to Brunhilde, Ron, and Sarla. Severely outnumbered, they relent and the cart and belongings are tossed. The head decides that all the coins they have is sufficient for them to turn and walk away, but not for anything to legitimize their arrival. The once wealthy party is reduced to near poverty.

Dorgan and Qadif find the Wretched Damsel in town. After some probing small talk, they encounter the proprietor and strike a deal. Discrate passage off the islands, for a price. Onfinding out these adventurer’s have the right skill set, he tasks them with obtaining documentation and entering into the assessors log.

The job goes mostly without event, and the party finds themselves with a way onto the next passing ship headed for Thyatis. Early in the morning, they are Teleported to the ship, and left without any instructions.

Return from a Shadow Realm
Shadow Realm Recap and Escape

World Date – Unknown

Brunhilde (a Short Tempered Paladin of Odin), Qadif (An Evoker from Ylarum), Pick (A Halfling Rogue the believes all things are his), Delisa (A druid with shifting tendencies), Lindale (A bard with an unknown past), Ron (A dual Wielding Fighter that seems to turn on everyone in tough fights), and Savanas (A Ranger from Karameikos) found themselves trapped in a perpetual nighttime world, whisked away by an unknown force in the middle of the night.

After meeting four additional adventurers; Dorgan (the Half-Orc Cleric of Petra), Sarla (A borderline Incompetent Ninja), Medea (A Witch with questionable powers), and Ruby (A flaky Sorceress), the large group began travelling about this realm trying to determine how to return home. On discovering that there was a Summoner seemingly terrorizing the area, the group started a war-march towards his island stronghold.

The party suffered their first casualty to a Purple worm the swallowed Ruby in the blink of an eye.

On discovering an unwelcoming town, Pick and Sarla entered the town, with varying degrees of success. Savanas and Lindale did some reconnoitering, but thought it better to return to camp before too long. Sarla Let her failures shine through, effectively panicking the entirity of town, before Pick rescued her and took refuge in a bank. After escaping town, the party took a night’s rest to prepare for attacking the stronghold.

The town deserted, and guards working to slow their attck across the bridge, Everyone stormed the front gates and broke through a tower wall. Thus began a bloody and tiring fight floor by floor to the top.

Pick separated himself from everyone else, to climb the outside of the building and engage The Summoner, but was mostly thwarted by a steep roof and glass that would not break.

Savanas and Lindale, using Invisibility, scouted ahead of the party and foiled an ambush on the Third floor. After Savanas, Sirius (her animal companion), and Lindale had significant early success, the battle turned deadly as Everyone Else Caught up as Siruis was struck down in a single strike.

At the top, The Summoner, his Eidolon, and his personal bodyguards waited. Pick made good use of his Wand of Fireball destroying the back wall and effectively disrupting The Summoner’s plans.

Ron valiantly rushed in, and found himself the target of spells that did not have an immediate effect. The battle stayed pitched as Most of the party bottle necked on the stairs. Ron magically swapped places with the Summoner as Pick rang true with a sneak attack. Ron then turned on his allies trying to defend The Summoner, which proved instantly fatal as Savanas, still seeking vengeance for her companion, cut him down. Only to have The Summoner killed by Brunhilde Immediately seconds later.

The party then found all of the pieces to a magical mirror that transported them back to the Known World.

Militia Service
1010/06/15, Klarmont, Lunadain, Full Moon

The first day of training included individual drills, meal times, and group drills. Zelara was called into the tower during group training.

The barbarian questioned a superior when they would be sent out on adventurous missions, and the reply was not what he desired. The militia spends most of it’s time in training, guard duty, and local patrols. The mercenary guild received the assignments that were deemed dangerous or unnecessary. Upon requesting how to join the mercenary arm, he was instructed that only Demonblade or Denton would take application. The next day revealed that both were completely unavailable for the foreseeable future. Equipment requisition also introduced several party members to the bureaucracy of the military life they had chosen. The paladin stumbles upon some startling discoveries.

1010/06/16 – The second day of training progressed no differently. Individual drills followed by a noon time meal. The paladin spent the morning seeking answers to the question of a peculiar object he managed to gain access to, but found no solid answers. During this time, he was given orders. He would take those that he joined with and travel north to Verge. There he would receive further instructions. The four were then sent to a small shop, given horses, supplies, and a few useful items and told to head out immediately. the afternoon’s journey left them in Krakatos for the evening.

1010/06/17 – The group pressed quickly and longer than a normal days travel to arrive at the fork to take them to Verge. Teaming with a stopped caravan that had a few guards, a watch was established. A group of Orcs attacked in the third watch, felling one of the caravan guards, and were repelled. Not long after, a Hill Giant approached and a fierce battle was waged. The barbarian was knocked unconscious, revived, and fought anew. The Paladin also received a blow that knocked him unconscious, and was quickly revived. The forth watch ended without commotion, leading to the dawn of 1010/06/18 and the height of the Full Moon.

Militia Enrollment
1010/06/14, Klarmont, Soladain, First Quarter Moon

Travel from Midwood to Specularum was uneventful. A young paladin of the Church of Karameikos joined the caravan to bolster the remaining few members.

After an overnight stay in Krakatos due to a late start, the group finally arrived in Specularum on 1010/06/14. Three traveled toward Demonblade estate to enquire about joining the standing private militia. On arrival, they completed the necessary paperwork and were instructed to return in the morning for assignment and training.

The paladin traveled to the primary cathedral of The Church to enquire about his new orders. The paladin was given audience with Patriarch Jowett himself. The request was to approach the new militia and investigate for the crown and the church on the wisdom of allowing Medoran Demonblade, a red skinned demon, and Julius Denton, a human General in the Royal Army known as The Mithral Knight, to have their own private military force in addition to the, somewhat questionable, mercenary guild that has been operating for several years.

The next day would prove interesting.


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